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Neutral Baby Gifts for When the Gender Is a Surprise

There are endless amounts of amazing baby gifts out there, but sometimes it’s hard to see past the seas of blue and pink — so what presents should you buy if you’re looking for a gender-neutral gift? Here we count down a handful of thoughtful neutral or unisex baby gifts, ready to spark joy in parents and babies alike.


Gender-neutral baby clothes

One unisex gift idea that parents-to-be will always welcome is neutral baby clothes. Whether you’re giving a baby shower gift or want to surprise a new parent with a present while their baby is still small, it’s great to help families stock up on clothes as babies can get through many outfit changes in a day. Therefore it’s a nice idea to buy good-quality unisex baby clothes, such as designs made using organic cotton, which is not only more durable but also kinder to a baby’s skin, too.


Little Seeds have a range of unisex bodysuits and baby sleepsuits, all in super-soft organic cotton. These packs of three come in white, grey or with subtle unisex patterns such as stripes, stars and a cloud design. 


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Sleeping Bag 

Like gifting high-quality baby clothes ready to be worn and washed again and again, another excellent idea for a unisex baby gift is a baby sleeping bag. Having the virtue of being cosy and soft while also having the bonus of promoting safer sleep for young babies (sleeping bags for babies are safer because there is no chance of blankets being moved upwards to cover the infants’ faces while still allowing healthy leg movement).


Little Seeds sell a range of gender-neutral baby sleeping bags for ages 0-6 months and 6-18 months and in both 1 and 2.5 tog thickness — all in feather-soft organic cotton. 


Wooden Toys

If you are looking for a gift that steers clear of the overtly gendered boys' and girls’ toys, wooden toys are often both unisex and sustainable to boot! For example, a classic rattle carved from wood, made special with personalised engraving, could make a wonderful unisex baby gift — one that children and parents could cherish for years to come.


Baby Book

Another great forward-looking baby gift is to help start a little library for the new arrival. There are endless fantastic books ready to stimulate babies' minds, no matter their age. Just one example is Penguin’s Baby Touch: Animals: A Black And White Book, which is designed to stimulate a baby's eyesight practically from birth through multi-sensory experiences and patterns. This aims to hold a baby’s concentration for healthy mental growth, which is sure to be music to new parents’ ears!


Easy-To-Use Swaddle 

If you would rather buy a unisex baby gift in the realms of comfort and cosiness over brain stimulation, you can opt for a newborn classic — the swaddle blanket. Whereas some parents opt for the more traditional swaddle blanket (which you have to arrange and tuck yourself), easy-to-use swaddles are designed to be easily adjusted, ready to create the perfect baby burrito in seconds!


Little Seeds’ swaddles are also made from super soft organic cotton, giving them that extra special quality that you can feel just from touching them. All in subtle, unisex designs, they come in packs of three, for ages 0-3 months and 3-6 months.


Crib Mattress 

Swaddles are known for encouraging safe, deep and uninterrupted sleep for newborns, but another way to give the gift of safe sleep to a new baby is via a crib mattress. It is essential that cribs have a hard mattress for safety reasons, so buying a crib mattress — especially a spare one — is handy for any nighttime accidents and is a useful unisex baby gift idea.


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Muslin Cloths

Speaking of accidents that may occur, another new parent must-have is muslin cloths. Useful in so many ways, from emergency mop-ups to being a handy (and breathable) cover up when needed, muslin cloths are a really useful unisex baby gift idea — and if you buy organic cotton muslins, the quality and softness are sure to impress!


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Play Gym

After a long, swaddle-induced sleep, parents will want to keep their well-rested babies stimulated and occupied — enter the play gym! Packed with hanging toys overhead and plush cushions underfoot, play gyms are more often than not gender-neutral, making them a safe bet for a present when the gender of the baby is a surprise. Some designs are simple and Scandinavian-inspired or made with more sustainable materials such as wood; either would make great options for a neutral baby gift.


Cellular Blankets

Cosy, soft and safe — cotton cellular blankets allow parents to tuck in and comfort their babies while safe in the knowledge that their breathable material and design will help ensure they do not overheat, which is often a considerable worry for new parents. Made in the natural fabric of cotton, in a design using holes, cellular blankets for babies can keep newborns toasty warm while allowing airflow at the same time. 


Bottle Steriliser 

Want to buy a friend or family member a useful gender-neutral gift? Although very practical, gifting a bottle steriliser makes creating an efficient feeding routine easier. Some bottle sterilisers also come with a drying option too, which can seem like a life-saver during those inevitable sleepless nights. 


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Baby Inkless Print Kit

Boy or girl, new parents always want to remember those first few days, weeks and months of their new bundle of joy’s life. An inkless print kit is ideal for helping parents capture these treasured times — most commonly through tiny baby feet or handprints — in ink. Well, it’s not quite ink, but these kits have non-toxic substances ready for parents to print themselves their own precious baby keepsake! 


From organic cotton baby clothes to breathable yet cosy cellular blankets, browse Little Seeds’ gender-neutral collection here.