Swaddle Instructions - For an Easy-To-Use Swaddle Blanket

It’s important to use a swaddle wrap the correct way, so here are some in-depth swaddle instructions to ensure a snuggly and safe night’s sleep for your baby. There are two types of swaddling blankets available, traditional and easy-to-use swaddles. With the traditional swaddling blankets, you must make sure no extra fabric is around your baby’s face or neck and leave enough room around their middle and legs.

It is also important to consider what to wear under a swaddle blanket, with both traditional and easy-to-use types of swaddling blankets, as babies are unable to properly regulate their body temperature. Want to know more about swaddle blankets? Take a look at our detailed blog, highlighting everything you need to know about swaddling blankets.

Below is a step-by-step visual guide on how to ensure safe swaddling when using an easy-to-use swaddling blanket such as the Little Seeds organic cotton swaddles.

Swaddle Instructions - Step 1


Open the swaddle into a 'T' shape and place your baby's legs inside the bottom pouch.

Swaddle Instructions - Step 2


Place the shoulders in line with the top of the open wrap and lift the front velcro flap.

Swaddle Instructions - Step 3


Fold the left side over and fix to the velcro on the middle tab.

Swaddle Instructions - Step 4


Fold the right side over and attach the 2 tabs to the velcro. Adjust accordingly.


Check Out Little Seeds’ Swaddle Blanket Instructions Video

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