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Organic Cotton Swaddle Blankets

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Our feather-soft swaddling blankets are ideal for comforting newborns and young babies, helping to lull them into deep, undisturbed sleep. Made from 100% organic cotton, these baby swaddle blankets are super breathable, allowing your baby to be toasty warm in winter and stay cool in summer. The Little Seeds swaddles are designed to be easy to use and can quickly be adjusted to the ideal fit for your baby. This specialised design adds an extra layer of safety and ease compared to traditional swaddle blankets. Little Seeds’ swaddle packs come in timeless prints, including swaddles with stars, stripes and cloud designs.

Key Features

  • Ensure your baby gets the most comfortable, long-lasting, and quality sleep.
  • Pack of 3 swaddle blankets
  • 100% premium soft organic cotton swaddles
  • Easily adjusted and simple to use makes our swaddles the perfect fit for any newborn.


Q. What Time of Year Are Little Seeds’ Swaddles Designed For?
A. Our swaddles are perfectly fine for your baby to wear all year round.

Q. What Should My Baby Wear Underneath the Swaddle?
A. When it comes to deciding what a baby should wear under a swaddle, it is essential to consider the temperature of the room when the baby will sleep. Generally speaking, they can wear a short sleeve vest with a cotton sleepsuit underneath a swaddle during colder nights. In mild temperatures, a long sleeve vest or sleepsuit is commonly worn underneath swaddles. As a rule of thumb, the swaddles are seen as a layer of clothing.

Here is a set of rough guidelines for determining what should be worn under a swaddle, depending on the temperature of the room:

Temperatures 16 - 18 ℃ = Short sleeve vest + sleepsuit
Temperatures 18 - 20 ℃ = Sleepsuit
Temperatures 20 - 22 ℃ = Vest.

Q. Are Little Seeds’ Swaddles Machine-Washable?
A. Yes. You can wash swaddles at a low temperature. The care label will have all the information needed.

Q. What Are the Little Seeds’ Swaddle Tog?
A. The Little Seeds’ organic cotton swaddles are 0.5 togs.

Q. Can You Use a Sleeping Bag Over the Top of the Swaddles?
A. No. Swaddle use with a baby sleeping bag is not recommended. A vest or sleepsuit will be fine to wear underneath the swaddle for extra warmth. See above for more information on what to wear underneath a swaddle.

Q. What Size/Weight of Baby Are the Swaddles For?
A. Little Seeds’ organic cotton easy-to-use swaddles come in sizes 0-3 months and 3-6 months. Swaddles for ages 0-3 months are for babies weighing between 7-14 lbs. These swaddles are 73cm x 56cm each, and you can adjust the velcro straps to fit smaller babies.

Q. How Do Swaddles Avoid Causing Hip Issues?
A. The organic cotton is a soft, stretchy and breathable fabric, with plenty of give. The swaddle wraps around your baby without putting any pressure on the hip area, allowing them to move their legs and hips freely. Swaddles are also used to promote safe sleep by helping to keep your baby on its back.

Q. When to Stop Swaddling a Baby?
A. There are a few safety guidelines for determining how long to swaddle a baby for, which are to do with a baby’s development and how this impacts safe sleeping. One of the most common guides is to change the way you swaddle your baby once they show signs of being able to roll over by themselves. This can be different for each baby, so parents need to pay attention to this transition. After this developmental change, a new swaddling method is needed, which usually requires changing the full swaddle technique to keep a baby’s arms outside of the swaddle wrap. This allows them to change positions when required.

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