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Organic Cotton Swaddles

£17.99 Regular price £24.99

Our feather-soft swaddling blankets are ideal for comforting newborns and young babies, helping to lull them into deep, undisturbed sleep. Made from 100% organic cotton, these baby swaddle blankets are super breathable, allowing your baby to be toasty warm in winter and stay cool in summer. The Little Seeds swaddles are designed to be easy to use and can quickly be adjusted to the ideal fit for your baby. This specialised design adds an extra layer of safety and ease compared to traditional swaddle blankets. Little Seeds’ swaddle packs come in timeless prints, including swaddles with stars, stripes and cloud designs.


  • Ensure your baby gets the most comfortable, long-lasting, and quality sleep.
  • Pack of 3 swaddle blankets
  • 100% premium soft organic cotton swaddles
  • Easily adjusted and simple to use makes our swaddles the perfect fit for any newborn.


Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Emma Wright
Flawed design

Sat here at 1:30am….yet again….when my baby used to sleep until 4am. Tried these because she didn’t like the swaddle bags I got and she is now too strong and able to wriggle free from a normal swaddling muslin. She can break free from these as well because stupidly the area of the wrap that the Velcro attaches to is not large enough therefore I can’t get it tight enough to keep her from breaking free. Don’t understand why the area for the Velcro to attach to couldn’t be larger…..

Martino Fincato
Little seed

Lovely swaddle blanket works and fit real well

Amber Shaw

Just as advertised on the website. Good quality and excellent value for money. Some swaddles are £10-£15 for one single swaddle, couldn’t believe my luck when I happened upon this website ! Definitely recommend

Amazon Customer

Loved these for our baby. She was very small and they swaddled her perfectly. We stopped using when she didn’t want to be swaddled anymore. They do go a bit bobbly and look a quite worn after good use so prob won’t keep for any additional children we have and will buy again

Sylwia F.
Good product.

Looks great quality and price okay. My son did not like swaddling that's why used only for photo sessions. Great product. Thank you