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Why Organic Cotton Matters to Your Baby

Posted by Emily Blanche on

Organic Cotton

As a parent, you want what’s best and safest for your baby. When it comes to the clothes you dress them in, there are tons of options for fabric and styles. There are so many adorable onesies out there, it can be overwhelming! One of the first things you should do before you start buying baby clothes is check what it’s made out of.

If you don’t see organic cotton on the label, it’s best to skip it. Baby clothes made of other fabrics can be home to harsh chemicals and toxins that are unsafe. To be sure that you are not exposing your baby to something that could cause skin irritation or allergic reactions, organic cotton is the way to go. There are several reasons that organic baby clothes are better for baby.


Organic Cotton vs. Regular Cotton

So, what’s the difference between regular cotton and organic cotton? While they both look the same as a finished product, the production methods are entirely different. From the seeds to the soil, and everything in between.

Conventional cotton is mass produced with little regard for chemicals and toxins used in production. It’s made with GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seeds and pesticides. Anything is used to speed up the process to make a quicker profit. This can result in harmful reactions to those wearing the garments that have sensitive skin or allergies. Conventional cotton is also produced in massive factories that emit pollutants into the environment. When you buy conventional cotton products, you don’t know what kind of chemicals were used during manufacturing.

Organic cotton is produced without chemicals and toxins. When you’re picking out clothes for baby, choosing organic cotton products will give you much less to worry about. It’s also produced with organic farming methods that are better for the environment. You can be comfortable with your organic cotton purchase for a number of reasons.


Safe for Baby’s Skin

The last thing you want to do is expose baby to hard chemicals and irritants. When you buy conventional cotton products, you run the risk of potential skin irritants being absorbed by baby’s skin. When babies are born, their skin is much more sensitive and absorbent than adult skin. Something that may not bother you can cause a reaction on baby.

When you buy organic baby clothes, you can be sure there won’t be any harsh chemicals or toxins in them. Organic cotton farmers take the time and care to produce a product that is safe for consumers and the environment.



Products made of organic cotton are built to last. Since baby is going to grow out of clothes quickly, buying clothes adds up fast as it is. The last thing you want to do is be replacing poor quality items before a growth spurt.

Organic cotton clothes are produced with care and baby in mind. You will be getting a quality product built to last, so the only time you should have to buy new clothes is during a growth spurt. Playtime can be tough on baby’s clothes, and having to replace their favorite onesie just before they may grow out of it is a waste of your money. When you buy organic cotton, you run less of a risk of clothes falling apart before baby is done wearing them.

Organic cotton is a great fabric for all seasons, including winter. You can purchase most products including hats and gloves made of organic cotton for you and baby to stay warm in the cold.


Good for the Environment

If you are looking to be as eco-friendly with your purchases as you can be, buying organic cotton clothes is a great way to do that. Organic cotton farming has less of an impact on nature because the farmers are not using harsh chemicals and toxins in the process. Without pesticides, this type of farming is not killing animals and insects inhabiting farm areas. Organic cotton is not only safe for baby, it’s safe for the environment.

Not only is organic cotton better for the Earth, by choosing to buy organic cotton products you are supporting the farmers who take the time to create sustainable products safe for you and baby. It’s not only safer for you and baby, organic cotton farming conditions are safer for workers producing it.


Organic Cotton is Comfortable

Go on, rub those new baby clothes on your face. Feels nice, doesn’t it? Organic cotton clothes are going to be softer and more comfortable for baby. Along with being better for sensitive skin, organic cotton wicks away sweat and other moisture while ventilating cool air. This means, when baby is crawling around playing, they won’t get too hot.

Think of it the same way you pick workout clothes for yourself. You want a quality breathable product that’s going to last a while. It’s safe to buy organic cotton clothes for baby for every season of the year.


Summing it Up

To sum it up, we know you want the best for baby. Choosing organic cotton clothing keeps baby cool while playing, and is durable enough to tolerate whatever playtime brings. As an eco-friendly option, you can feel good about buying all the adorable organic onesies for baby that you want.