Muslin cloth for baby

7 Uses for a Muslin Cloth for Baby

When it comes to everyday essentials for parents, muslin cloths for your baby are a must. As useful as they are soft, you can use these versatile blankets for many things and situations. So from trusty burp cloth to impromptu parasol, let’s dive into seven of the top uses for muslin cloths, ready to ensure you’re making the most of yours!

Lightweight Blanket 

Although using a muslin as a lightweight blanket may seem obvious, there are a few slightly more unexpected ways you can utilise these cloths as they have a looser and more open weave. This means they are exceptionally breathable, which, as parents will know, is vital as babies cannot regulate their body temperature. Therefore, using a muslin cloth for light coverage or protection during summer is a safe option. Alternatively, when the seasons turn chillier, muslin cloths can act as the perfect feather-soft comforter for your baby, ideal for lulling them into a nap or comforting when restless. 

Another top tip for using muslin cloths in summer is to drape them over the opening of a pram or carrier when in direct sunlight. This can serve as a convenient sun protector, allowing your baby to stay comfortable and cool. 

Breastfeeding Cover 

Also handy for days out or when you’re caught short and want some privacy, muslin cloths can be used as an improvised breastfeeding cover-up. Easy to unwrap and drape when needed, using a muslin cloth as a privacy blanket is a quick and efficient option — especially if you want to travel light. 

Emergency Changing Mat 

Another way that muslin cloths can save the day in an unforeseen situation is to act as an emergency changing mat or changing mat cover — ideal for use as a layer of protection between your baby and a public changing space. As muslin cloths are very easy to keep as a perpetual staple in your baby bag, it means they can be whipped out to provide protection or coverage whenever needed. 

Dribble Cloth or Bib

Other key uses for muslin cloths to come into their own is when babies are feeding or teething. Ideal as a super-soft dribble cloth or bib, muslin cloths are easy to tuck into clothes or bodysuits, ready to wipe up messy faces or dribble-laden chins! 

Burping Cloth

Similarly, muslin cloths can be used as mess protection for parents. Place a folded muslin cloth onto a shoulder while winding your baby, and it’s ready to catch anything that may burst forth! If the fruits of burping your baby are more than expected, muslin cloths also double up as an absorbent cloth for wiping up emergency spillages. It is also comforting to know that organic cotton muslin cloths are durable and can withstand a lot of washing.

Bath Washcloth 

Another way that muslin cloths can be used as an eco-friendly product for taking care of and cleaning your baby is to use them as a bath washcloth. Easy to wring out and dry, Little Seeds’ organic cotton muslin cloths are a simple but effective addition to your bath time routine. Another reason for Little Seeds’ muslin cloths being a great bath washcloth is that they are 100% organic cotton. This means they are made without using any harsh chemicals, which could cause a reaction when cleaning a baby’s super sensitive skin. 

Want more information on what makes organic cotton the best and most sustainable option for your baby? Read our What Makes Organic Cotton The Best Option blog here. 

Traditional Swaddling Blanket

Another key use for these versatile cloths is as a muslin swaddle blanket. Comforting, safe and cosy, swaddling blankets have a range of benefits, from hindering a baby’s startle reflex to keeping your baby safely on their backs while sleeping. To find out more about swaddling, head to our What is a Swaddle FAQ page, complete with swaddle instructions for traditional and easy-to-use swaddling blankets. 

Looking for an eco-friendly organic cotton muslin cloth? Check out Little Seeds’ muslin cloth for baby here.