Baby Gifts that New Parents Will Love

Useful Baby Gifts That New Parents Will Love

Searching for a baby shower gift that’s useful and special? Here’s a selection of present ideas that new parents will love. From sustainable yet stylish reusable-nappy kits to everyday essentials made with super-soft organic cotton. Here’s a selection of baby shower gift ideas that will help you strike that perfect balance and ensure your gifts are a total hit with parents-to-be!

Muslin Cloths 

One item that new parents can never have enough of are muslin cloths. Dribble guards, post-feed shoulder protection, or simply coming to the rescue for countless emergency spillages, these versatile cloths are a must for new parents. To make this seemingly humble item seem gift-worthy, opt for a set of organic cotton muslin cloths. These feather-soft cloths are made using less energy and water than conventional cotton, so they are environmentally friendly to boot! 

Reusable Nappy Starter Kit 

If you like the idea of buying an eco-friendly baby-shower gift, why not buy a reusable nappy starter kit? They come in a range of styles and can fit many budgets, whether you want to buy a small pack for new parents to test or go for the full reusable-nappy starter kit. If you want to splash out on a full kit, it’s a good idea to buy a starter kit including a nappy bucket and dedicated laundry bags (which often line the bucket for seamless transition). You can find these sorts of bundles from Baba and Boo. 

sleeping bags

Baby Sleeping Bags

An easy way to keep babies tucked up in a safe and cosy way, baby sleeping bags are an excellent option for those looking for a practical baby shower gift. Available in both 1 and 2.5 togs, Little Seeds’ breathable sleeping bags are a perfect gift idea. They even come in three gender-neutral designs — essential if the parents-to-be are keeping that a secret until the big day!

Easy-To-Use Swaddle Blankets 

Another great gift that can help soothe newborn babies to sleep is a swaddling blanket. 

For thousands of years, these have been used to help stop babies from waking up with their (very sensitive) startle reflex. Modern-day swaddle blankets come in a new and improved “easy-to-use” design, making this simple wrapping technique even easier to do, no matter how tired you are! 

White Noise Machine 

Some parents swear by using white noise to soothe their babies to sleep. Enter the hero of sleep-deprived parents, the white noise machine. Buying a dedicated machine might not be an essential purchase for parents-to-be, which is why this is an ideal gift for a baby shower. You can swoop in and save the day (or night, as the case may be). Here is a list of some of the best white noise machines available in the UK.  

Sleep Kit 

Even with super-soft blankets and soothing sounds, new parents will naturally find getting a good night’s sleep difficult while their baby is small. One baby-shower gift that benefits parents’ wellbeing is a sleep kit. There are many pre-made sleep kits available in the UK, which often feature relaxing sleep mists or pillow sprays, bath soaks and lavender candles. You could even grab your own wicker basket and create a personalised sleep kit. 

Baby Nail Care

Another useful baby shower gift idea that might have gone under the radar is baby nail care. In the first year or so, a baby’s nails are rather tricky as they are difficult to deal with safely and can also cause scratches. There are many safe nail clippers available online, but one alternative (created by a mother of two) is the award-winning Baby Nails’ wearable nail files. This would make a thoughtful gift for new parents, as it helps to take the stress out of the small things!

Nursing sheet 

Organic Cotton Sleepsuits and Bodysuits

There are many types of nursing sheets available — shawls, ponchos, scarves, aprons — all can make great gifts for new mothers. Nursing ponchos cover a mum’s front and back, which is helpful for chillier days out, whereas the scarf is a little more subtle and can be worn around the neck when not in use. There are many great nursing covers in all kinds of different designs available online, so there is sure to be the perfect one to match the mother-to-be’s style.


Organic Cotton Sleepsuits and Bodysuits 

Lastly, a list of practical baby shower gifts has to mention sleepsuits and bodysuits — a must-have for new parents! But getting someone a gift of new-baby essentials needn’t be underwhelming — why not choose some made from organic cotton? This super-soft option will be a pleasure to touch and make even the every day seem special. Little Seeds offer exactly this, in both sleepsuits and bodysuits — and they’re as cosy and breathable as they look!