Essential Organic Baby Clothes (And Why You Need Them)

Essential Organic Baby Clothes (And Why You Need Them)

At Little Seeds, we create baby clothes using feather-soft organic material. We believe that dressing our little ones in durable, comfortable, sustainable and stylish fabrics shouldn’t cost the Earth. Organic cotton benefits your baby too. Here are some of our top pieces of organic baby clothes, essential for your baby’s wardrobe.


1) Bodysuits for Babies

Bodysuits are the staple item in any baby’s wardrobe. They are versatile enough to be layered under any outfit when chilly, worn alone in warmer weather, or as an extra layer under a swaddling blanket or sleeping bag at nighttime.

Your little one might go through a few of these every day, especially in the first weeks or months or when they are starting to wean — things can get pretty messy! So bodysuits need to be durable, easy to clean and stay soft and in shape after many washes — and super durable organic cotton is the perfect fabric for the job. Organic cotton has been picked by hand, which allows its fibres to remain more intact, which gives strength to the material once woven. 

Organic cotton bodysuits are ideal for use from the moment your little one is born. As the bottom layer of clothing, organic cotton is soft against sensitive skin, breathable but cosy, helping to regulate your baby’s body temperature. 

2) Baby Sleepsuits

Babies sleep for up to 18 hours a day, so sleepsuits are not just for nighttime. In fact, you may have bought loads of beautiful outfits for your little one to wear in their first few months, but the chances are you will dress them in onesies and sleepsuits most of the time. So you really can’t have enough sleepsuits! 

Organic cotton sleepsuits are ideal for baby skin as they are soft to the touch, have not been treated with harmful chemicals or pesticides, and keep babies warm but able to breathe. They also have a handy zip fastening that allows you to change your baby quickly and easily without disturbing them too much in the middle of the night. 

The other great thing about baby sleepsuits and bodysuits is that they are easy for wiggling infants to move around in. Acting like a second skin, your baby won’t have any trouble learning how to roll over, sit up, and take those precious first steps.

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3) Muslin Blankets

Although not strictly an item of clothing, muslin blankets are still a VIP for your baby shopping list. And best of all, they are super versatile — you can use them as a burping cloth, a bib, an emergency changing mat, a sun shield, a breastfeeding cover, or even a bath washcloth, but to name a few. 

Organic cotton muslin cloths are so versatile that you’ll probably still be using them to clean up spills, as a wet cloth to cool a temperature and to care for your family long after they’ve grown up.

Organic cotton muslin blankets are sustainably made using less water and energy than traditionally harvested alternatives. They last forever due to their extra-long natural fibres, so they really are great value for money. If you are thinking of a present for a new baby, you can’t go wrong with muslin cloths. Muslin cloths might not seem like the most exciting present to give, but trust us, they are the gift that keeps on giving. 


4) Baby Sleeping Bags

Another must-have for your nursery is an organic cotton sleeping bag. The naturally soft fabric is a must-have because a baby’s skin has not yet fully developed its protective layer. It will take years of growth for full skin barriers to form, so rough and chemically treated fabrics can irritate young skin. 

Sleeping bags are ideal because they only cover your baby from their shoulders down. This leaves their arms and head free, and there is enough leg room for your baby to kick about without losing warmth. You don’t need to use any extra blankets with them, so no scratchy materials need to rub against your baby's skin. 

You can even get them in various togs to suit the summer and winter months, and they come in sizes from 0-18 months.


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Why Choose Organic Baby Clothes? 

There are so many benefits to choosing organic cotton clothes for your baby. From the softness of the handpicked fibres and the environmentally friendly growing process to its unparalleled breathability, there are plenty of reasons to switch to organic for your baby and the planet.

The beauty of the Little Seeds collection is that they all come in unisex sizes and gender-neutral colours, so you can stock up on them before your baby arrives or buy them as a gift. And these are all officially certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), so you can rest easy knowing that the organic guarantee is upheld.

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