Organic Cotton Pyjamas to Keep Your Baby Warm on Colder Nights

Organic Cotton Pyjamas to Keep Your Baby Warm on Colder Nights

Parents know how important keeping an eye on your baby’s temperature is, especially as the nights start to get chillier. So, what are the options for warmer pyjamas for colder nights? From organic cotton swaddle blankets and sleepsuits to thicker baby sleeping bags and cosy underlayers, here’s a guide to some baby pyjamas that will keep your little one warm all through the night. 

One of the best ways to ensure a comfortable night for your baby — whether in the height of summer or depths of winter, is to opt for organic cotton. By using hand-picked cotton grown without chemicals or pesticides, the fibres are longer and more intact, which helps keep in body heat in the winter, but also allows a baby’s skin to breathe if they start to overheat. This is just part of why organic cotton is the cosiest and safest option for baby pyjamas.

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1. Organic Cotton Swaddle Blanket

What could be cuter (and cosier) than a toasty baby burrito? You can create just this with an organic cotton swaddle blanket. Not only do swaddles help a baby get deeper sleep, but they also keep them toasty warm from head to toe, which is vital during colder months. It is also important to consider what your baby should wear underneath the swaddle, which can change depending on room temperature — check out our guide here. 

It is also important to choose a swaddle made with a natural fabric such as organic cotton because babies are not able to stabilise their body temperature, and synthetic materials do not allow for airflow, which can lead to overheating if they are too warm.

2. Organic Cotton Baby Sleeping Bag 

Although many parents swear by the magic of swaddling blankets, when their baby gets a bit older, they might want to move on to something else. Organic cotton sleeping bags are ideal, especially come autumn and winter. They still wrap up your baby and keep them toasty warm, but instead allow their arms to sit outside, which can be more comfortable for wriggling little ones.  This should be worn over a long-sleeved bodysuit but can act as a safer blanket, as although there is plenty of kicking room for your baby’s legs, it cannot become loose and move up, which makes them a super safe option, too. 

The Little Seeds organic cotton baby sleeping bags come in two thicknesses, 1-tog and 2.5-tog, from ages 0-18 months, so they are perfect for transitioning into something cosier as the nights become colder. 

3. Organic Cotton Bodysuit Underlayer

As mentioned above, when it gets cold, it is great to layer babies’ outfits for both day and night — this is where the breathable nature of organic cotton comes into action. It’s essential to make sure your baby is warm enough throughout the night without overheating. Organic cotton has extra-long fibres, so it can allow for airflow, as well as help to soak up sweat, which creates a comfortable environment for a deep-sleeping baby!

This makes organic cotton bodysuits a must for parents  — check out our range here.

4. Organic Cotton Sleepsuit 

As well as a short-sleeved organic cotton bodysuit, parents may also opt for an organic cotton sleepsuit layer, depending on the room's temperature. Little Seeds’ sleepsuits all come with attached feet for extra warmth and are a staple when it comes to organic cotton pyjamas for babies in autumn and winter. 

5. Cellular Blankets (for Wrapping Up During Night Feeds)

As well as getting the right autumn and winter pyjamas for your baby, you might also want to have a classic cotton cellular blanket nearby — ready to wrap them up during feeds or when they are feeling restless during the night. 

The Little Seeds range of cotton cellular blankets come in four colours and are also in a breathable design.